Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tips on Caring for Leather Bags For Sustainable Fixed

Leather handbag is one item that is loved women , can be said to be a mandatory item for most women. It is not separated from its growing trend leather bag lately.

Tips on Caring for Leather Bags For Sustainable Fixed
Caring for leather handbags be said easy easy difficult and quite complicated , but if you take care of it properly certainly will not find it difficult to take care of him . The following info Latest Fashion will give you tips on How to Take Care of Your Lovely Leather Bag in order to remain durable , clean , and ready to wear anytime .

Wash leather handbag
Washed leather bag is considered to be the most difficult stage , because many of the rules that leather bag is not damaged when washed , such as :

  • Should not use a clothes brush
  • May not use detergents
  • Must not use hot water
  • Should not be exposed to direct sunlight

Therefore , following the right way and intelligent , washed leather bag :

  • Prepare soap and warm water , mix the two ingredients in a plastic bucket .
  • Remove all of the content items in your bag , along with a safety cloth so that dust remaining in the bags come out .
  • By hand , rubbing the bag with soap , then rub gently with kids toothbrush ( or toothbrush with very soft bristles ) .
  • Rinse 3-4 times with warm water , then final rinse with cold water .
  • Winds in the shade and do not leave them exposed to direct sunlight .
  • Once dry , immediately spread with a rich lotion moisturizer Handbody and water .

Leather bag store
Store leather handbags there are also some things to note :

  • Make sure the storage area is not too humid .
  • Keep out of direct sunlight .
  • Keep away from heat source objects .

How to store leather handbags are true :

  • After being washed , put in a plastic or cloth bag to keep skin from being scratched .
  • Include all in the bag camphor or absorb water .
  • Store in a display case cabinet made ​​of glass , so that the temperature is maintained .
  • After use , clean the dust bag and then wrap back in the bag / plastic before it is stored again .

Thus the information about Skin Care Tips For Staying Sustainable Bags , hopefully the information we provide can be useful to you and an inspiration in doing so durable leather handbag care , clean , and ready to wear anytime .

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