Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tips on Choosing and Buying the Right Dress

Tips on Choosing and Buying the Right Dress
Dress is identical with the figure of the daughters of the nobility , besides many of them found it very expensive dress . If you are careful in the selection of dresses can help in the purchase order is not wrong in buying a dress .

On this occasion will provide info Latest Fashion Tips In Selecting and Buying the Right Dress Expensive and not that you can not read that wrong in buying the dress , the following tips more .

Choose the right dress for a formal event
Modern women do not like wearing dresses now on any events like that done by the Daughters . Currently the most fitting dress usually is when we got a party invitation that took place in the hours of 6 pm .

Invitation of this kind usually requires guests to come up with formal attire . Therefore , if you could just buy a dress only, then you should choose that can be worn on formal occasions . Long dress is the most appropriate choice .

Choosing a neutral dress
Wearing a dress can make a woman look more beautiful , but it could be otherwise , when he was miscast. Black color with a simple model of a dress that is generally recognized as the most neutral dress .

Why ? Because this dress can be worn in all types of events the night and also black color when paired with matching shoes or accessories of any color .

Pick a dress that suits your figure
Pick a dress that suits your figure . Try it first before you decide to buy so that you know if the dress has a look that fits with your body or not . Remember the fact that fitting in manequin not fit well in making your body .

In addition to fitting and chic when worn , you are also advised to choose a dress that can highlight your strengths . For example backs that can seamlessly enjoy through dress with the open back , and so on .

Choose a dress color that you like
You should just always wear a black dress , but if you get a chance to add to a collection of dresses , why not try to choose other colors as an alternative.

Red , striking motif , or gold is a sweet choice for evening events . Soft pastels and patterns can make you charming in the daytime event .

While blue , pink , and white is the right color for all skin tones ladies . However , keep in mind to not wear a white dress at a wedding party invitations .

Choose your fashion style dresses
Catalog , internet , and magazines , is the best medium to look for a dress with a unique model . However , unique and trendy dresses are usually only worn at certain times . If the budget is not much , so it's good if you choose a classic and elegant models , which can survive at all times , rather than just choosing a trendy dress .

Notice the dress details
If you are shopping in a store or boutique that provides adequate locker room , then take it as well as shoes and accessories that you will wear at the party .

If you are shopping online , or at a used clothing store , then make sure that the size is not fit quite right , or if possible, make an appointment with the owner if it turns out the dress does not fit .

accessories dresses
This one should not be overlooked . However , be careful in choosing accessories as well as accessories that are incorrect or not matching increases could make an appearance dead .

Adjust accessories with your dress . For example, if the dress has so many layers and dominate , then the use of accessories should be minimized . However , if the dress is so simple , then you can support the appearance to maximize the accessories worn .

Thus information about Tips on Choosing and Buying the Right Dress that you can try , hopefully the above tips can help you in choosing the right dress , and can benefit us all . Continue to refer to another interesting article about the World Fashion we provide .

How To Choose The Suitable Clothing For Men

How To Choose The Suitable Clothing For Men
To look stylish and attractive for men in today is not too difficult and a lot of options . But many men are mistaken in selecting and not infrequently also ignore this .

In choosing the appropriate clothing and accessories to appear matching can not be done haphazardly , many important things to be considered , ranging from the shape of our bodies up with a style that fits with us , it's all to support the appearance of fashion style we as men are more perfect . Here we will give some tips in choosing a suitable outfit for men .

1 . For Men Waisted Long
Recommended for this body type is better to wear jeans . You can combine contrasting colors for T - shirts , and to avoid the view centered on the foot , you can also choose a belt with buckle high .

2 . For Men Who Waisted Short
Men with short waist should avoid wearing tight pants and jeans , fashion color combination of pink and black pants are also not suitable for your body shape , it is advisable for the kind of guy to choose shorter -waisted trousers seams a few inches higher at the waist .

3 . For Men assed Thin Or Tepos
If you are concerned with thin ass , you need to give particular attention to models that you wear pants , straight pants and more according to your body shape .

That was the information given info Latest Fashion , good tips on How To Choose The Suitable Clothing For Men can be beneficial and useful for you , and can make an inspiration to us all . Because as men we must also look stylish instead ? So that women are attracted to us and be a trendsetter .

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tips on Caring for Leather Bags For Sustainable Fixed

Leather handbag is one item that is loved women , can be said to be a mandatory item for most women. It is not separated from its growing trend leather bag lately.

Tips on Caring for Leather Bags For Sustainable Fixed
Caring for leather handbags be said easy easy difficult and quite complicated , but if you take care of it properly certainly will not find it difficult to take care of him . The following info Latest Fashion will give you tips on How to Take Care of Your Lovely Leather Bag in order to remain durable , clean , and ready to wear anytime .

Wash leather handbag
Washed leather bag is considered to be the most difficult stage , because many of the rules that leather bag is not damaged when washed , such as :

  • Should not use a clothes brush
  • May not use detergents
  • Must not use hot water
  • Should not be exposed to direct sunlight

Therefore , following the right way and intelligent , washed leather bag :

  • Prepare soap and warm water , mix the two ingredients in a plastic bucket .
  • Remove all of the content items in your bag , along with a safety cloth so that dust remaining in the bags come out .
  • By hand , rubbing the bag with soap , then rub gently with kids toothbrush ( or toothbrush with very soft bristles ) .
  • Rinse 3-4 times with warm water , then final rinse with cold water .
  • Winds in the shade and do not leave them exposed to direct sunlight .
  • Once dry , immediately spread with a rich lotion moisturizer Handbody and water .

Leather bag store
Store leather handbags there are also some things to note :

  • Make sure the storage area is not too humid .
  • Keep out of direct sunlight .
  • Keep away from heat source objects .

How to store leather handbags are true :

  • After being washed , put in a plastic or cloth bag to keep skin from being scratched .
  • Include all in the bag camphor or absorb water .
  • Store in a display case cabinet made ​​of glass , so that the temperature is maintained .
  • After use , clean the dust bag and then wrap back in the bag / plastic before it is stored again .

Thus the information about Skin Care Tips For Staying Sustainable Bags , hopefully the information we provide can be useful to you and an inspiration in doing so durable leather handbag care , clean , and ready to wear anytime .

Monday, October 28, 2013

Seo In Young & Lady Gaga Fashion style

Seo In Young
Singer and model who is also member of the idol group Jewelry Seo In Young reveals that she is a fashionista since early childhood.

Friday ( 4/10 ) yesterday in a program aired Yoo Hee Yeol 's Sketchbook , the main vocal coaches in Korean Voice Kids show off that he does have a high sense of fashion as well as a capable vocal abilities .

When MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked him since when interest in the world of fashion emerge , In Young replied , " It seems like ever since I was 7 years old . Fact, when I was a kid , I always hang my clothes collection in a room , " as reported by .

" Usually I turn on the music and style like being in a fashion show event . I would look in the mirror and immediately posed . Lady Gaga is a famous person and I often compared with it in various articles , " In Young continued .

" As hair style ribbon . Ribbon hair style I wore while promoting Cinderella until then Gaga doing . Then also some of the clothes I was wearing than the current first fashion show . But it seems to me it is more often received criticism . I always try first thing in the fashion world , " after In Young confident .

G - Dragon and SNSD Sooyoung Proud Won in Style Icon Awards

G - Dragon and SNSD Sooyoung
2013 Style Icon Awards ( SIA ) was held again this year with a festive , studded celebrities who are popular . Located at CJ E & M Center , G - Dragon gets a major trophy is chosen as the Style Icon of the Year .

G - Dragon admits to feeling flattered chosen as the best because he thinks a lot of other fashionable people in Korea . " I feel even more delighted to receive this award from Lee Soo Hyuk and Hong Jong Hyun , " he said on stage .

" Thank you . Due out there many fashionable people , so I'm not sure if this deserves . Thank you very much , " said the leader of Big Bang . " This year I received a lot of love for the active promotion. I also want to thank all who helped in arranging style . "

While Sooyoung Girls ' Generation chosen as the Best K - Style Award with actor Choi Jin Hyuk . Sooyoung confessed excited because for the first time in SIA and win a trophy in the person . Sooyoung attention this year in the series " Dating Agency " , while Jin Hyuk through " Gu Family Book " .

" This is the first time I received the award itself so it makes me nervous and very excited , " Sooyoung said while receiving the trophy . " Thank you for all the love you SONE , SM Entertainment staff , stylish teams , managers and other members who watch from home . "

This is the winner of the 2013 Style Icon Awards :

New Icon : Crayon Pop
Best K - Style : SNSD Sooyoung and Choi Jin Hyuk
Global Icon : A $ AP Rocky
Find Chevrolet New Star : Clara
Content of the Year : Na Young Suk PD
Style Specialist : Juun.J
Style Icons : Gong Hyo Jin , Dynamic Duo , Shin Dong Yup , Sistar , Yeo Jin Goo , Lee Seo Jin , Lee Jong Suk , Jung Woo Sung , G - Dragon and Tilda Swinton
Style Icon of the Year : G - Dragon

Figure G - Dragon selected as the Style Icon 2013

Figure G - Dragon selected as the Style Icon 2013
G - Dragon is known as a stylish idol . Big Bang 's frontman touted as a true fashionista in every appearance . G - Dragon admitted that he likes to experiment with style . Ranging from hair styles , hats to clothes that often changed .

Thanks to his love for fashion , G - Dragon selected as the Style Icon 2013 . While receiving the award , G - Dragon did not think he won the highest category in the prestigious trophy .

" Thank you . A lot of people are actually more adept and candidate in the field of fashion in Korea . I do not know if I deserve this award or not , " said G - Dragon on stage , reported Enewsworld , Friday ( 25/10 / 2013) .

" I was present with my latest album titled Coup d' Etat for the first time after 4 years. As a style icon , I will work to continue to work in the field of music and style . "

While attending the grand event of the Style Icon 2013 , G - Dragon performed with style as usual . Although it looks simple , charisma G - Dragon still radiated .

G - Dragon wearing a plaid jacket , with shirt and black pants . He completed his performance with sunglasses . Of course , G - Dragon hair also looks unique circuitry color is pale pink cotton candy . (Des )

In addition to G - Dragon , more hallyu idol also get a similar award for different categories , including :

New Icon : Crayon Pop
Best K - Style : Girls ` Generation ` Sooyoung and Choi Jin Hyuk
Global Icon : A $ AP Rocky
Style Icons : Kong Hyo Jin , Dynamic Duo , Shin Dong Yeop , SISTAR , Yeo Jin Goo , Lee Seo Jin , Lee Jong Suk , Jung Woo Sung , G - Dragon and Tilda Swinton
Style Icon of the Year : G - Dragon

Sunday, October 27, 2013

2014 Hair Style Trend Androgyny So

SOME months, we will enter the new year. The fashion designer and hair style trends have started to predict how that will come out in the year.

"Next year, her androgynous style haircut will be a trend," said Alfons, Alfons salon owners to Okezone after Pantene symposium on D'Consulate, Wednesday, October 23, 2013.

Alfons also added, ombre hair coloring models will also be a trend in 2014. The reason, many women who explore color in their hair.

"Ombre with bright coloring on the bottom and dark at the top it has its own charm and will be a trend next year," he concluded.