Thursday, October 31, 2013

How To Choose The Suitable Clothing For Men

How To Choose The Suitable Clothing For Men
To look stylish and attractive for men in today is not too difficult and a lot of options . But many men are mistaken in selecting and not infrequently also ignore this .

In choosing the appropriate clothing and accessories to appear matching can not be done haphazardly , many important things to be considered , ranging from the shape of our bodies up with a style that fits with us , it's all to support the appearance of fashion style we as men are more perfect . Here we will give some tips in choosing a suitable outfit for men .

1 . For Men Waisted Long
Recommended for this body type is better to wear jeans . You can combine contrasting colors for T - shirts , and to avoid the view centered on the foot , you can also choose a belt with buckle high .

2 . For Men Who Waisted Short
Men with short waist should avoid wearing tight pants and jeans , fashion color combination of pink and black pants are also not suitable for your body shape , it is advisable for the kind of guy to choose shorter -waisted trousers seams a few inches higher at the waist .

3 . For Men assed Thin Or Tepos
If you are concerned with thin ass , you need to give particular attention to models that you wear pants , straight pants and more according to your body shape .

That was the information given info Latest Fashion , good tips on How To Choose The Suitable Clothing For Men can be beneficial and useful for you , and can make an inspiration to us all . Because as men we must also look stylish instead ? So that women are attracted to us and be a trendsetter .

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