Monday, October 28, 2013

Seo In Young & Lady Gaga Fashion style

Seo In Young
Singer and model who is also member of the idol group Jewelry Seo In Young reveals that she is a fashionista since early childhood.

Friday ( 4/10 ) yesterday in a program aired Yoo Hee Yeol 's Sketchbook , the main vocal coaches in Korean Voice Kids show off that he does have a high sense of fashion as well as a capable vocal abilities .

When MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked him since when interest in the world of fashion emerge , In Young replied , " It seems like ever since I was 7 years old . Fact, when I was a kid , I always hang my clothes collection in a room , " as reported by .

" Usually I turn on the music and style like being in a fashion show event . I would look in the mirror and immediately posed . Lady Gaga is a famous person and I often compared with it in various articles , " In Young continued .

" As hair style ribbon . Ribbon hair style I wore while promoting Cinderella until then Gaga doing . Then also some of the clothes I was wearing than the current first fashion show . But it seems to me it is more often received criticism . I always try first thing in the fashion world , " after In Young confident .

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